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Geoff Brandt is your personal Solo & Small Business Coach from Startup, to Growth, to Profit, to Exit. From Marketing to Operations, his expert team of specialists takes his recommendations and combines and customizes best-in-class business services, strategies and technology into one unique package to drive results for your company.

What to Expect

1. COURSES AND COACHING – Geoff Brandt is a 25 year veteran of both Fortune 500 management and small business startups. He brings all of that experience to you 1 on 1 with his specialized coaching programs and online self-paced, moderated courses.

2. INCREASED ROI – Your goals and business growth are our priority. All our business strategies, campaigns and execution processes are designed to help you increase your bottom line!
3. INCREASED PEACE OF MIND – Geoff and his staff are here 24/7 to help you through the rough spots.

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Areas We Focus On

Solo Businesses

Entrepreneurs, single employee, products, services, eCommerce, marketing

Small Businesses

Multiple employees, sales, operations, marketing, tech, manufacturing, fulfillment


Convert your lifetime of professional or trade knowledge into retirement income!


Legal, branding, funding, go to market, launch, growth

Side Gigs

Part time to full time, budgeting, marketing, technology

Struggling Business

Triage, downsizing, process redesign, market re-targeting, sale

Case Studies

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Empire Construction

Empire Construction & Technologies specializes in putting your house back together after a flood, a fire or when the bathroom pipes spring a leak and you need to replace the soggy kitchen directly underneath the bathroom.

Outdoor Elegance

As a growing business in the casual living industry, Outdoor Elegance needed a refreshed marketing strategy to help their brand continue to grow within the marketplace as well as the ability to measure effectiveness of current and future marketing initiatives. .

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Happy Clients

"Eliv8 introduced us to the concept of inbound marketing and how it could help us find and attract customers. This concept was exactly what we needed to bring potential customers into our “funnel”. Inbound marketing now drives all of our marketing strategies and is beginning to show very promising results."
"We have just begun working with Eliv8 and are extremely impressed. They are true entrepreneurs and I have a lot of confidence in them. They knows what they are doing and they gets results. Thank you Cifli!”.

Geoff Brandt

Geoff’s career has taken him all over the world in the past 25 years where he’s spent considerable time fostering success for both startups (including this one) as well as for Fortune 500 companies like Siemens, Coke, Metlife, Shell Oil and others through his expertise in marketing, operations, technology and service delivery.


Oliver Brenninkmeyer

Oliver’s career path has brought him to work for iconic companies such as Disney and DreamWorks Animation where he grew into leadership roles focusing on global market analysis, product positioning, researching & analyzing markets and growth strategy.

Our Team

Meet the creators of Eliv8 on the left, and visit our teams page, to see the amazing team who will be supporting you.

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