Outdoor Elegance

Patio Design Center Case Study

Accelerated Growth with Cifli

As a growing business in the casual living industry, Outdoor Elegance needed a refreshed marketing strategy to help their brand continue to grow within the marketplace.

The company looked to CiFli’s consulting services in order to attract, create and close new sales opportunities. A key part of their success was due to Cifli help creating engaging content offers that converted 1,900+ leads in 12 months.

Creating a Website that converts

Outdoor Elegance already had a website up and running, but it was mostly to provide information and had not been optimized to convert leads. Cifli designed and set up a new version of their site as well as created a comprehensive marketing strategy to be implemented along side the website’s launch.

Cifli Case Study
Creating Content to Build Trust and Convert Leads

Cifli's primary goal for Outdoor Elegance was to create a content editorial to map out all future content offers that could possibly be created. Because content offers are mapped to the buying process, Cifli started at the top of their metaphoric marketing “funnel.” This was the winning strategy that led to 1900 leads.

Marketing Services tailored to Outdoor Elegance

After we ran our Website and Online Digital Presence audit, we came up with the following plan below for Outdoor Elegance to start generating leads. 

Responsive Website Design for Outdoor Elegance

Cifli turned Outdoor Elegance website into a inbound marketing machine which dramatically shifted the company’s culture and approach to both sales and marketing. they understood how both pieces of the puzzle worked together.

Creating Content that Converted into Leads

CiFli created offers that would have wide appeal; 101 Example of Outdoor Elegance, Patio Furniture Buying Guide, Designer Tips for Outdoor Spaces and more. These content offers converted over 1,900 leads in a 12 months with a 11% lead to customer conversion rate.

SEO Optimized Website for Outdoor Elegance

Along with a new website build, with ecommerce functionality, and content that converted. Cifli also made sure the website had an strategy that helped them rank online. This made it easier for customers to find them, when searching for certain types of products.

Outcome for Outdoor Elegance

After working with Cifli for more than 18 months, Outdoor Elegance had more than 72,000 organic visits, a database of almost 2,000 contacts and an 11.8% lead-to-customer conversion rate. Thanks to their growing database, the large number of visits and the constant lead generation from content, Outdoor Elegance has managed to increase their revenue by more than 15%.

Data Doesn't Lie!

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