Thanks! Here’s the bonus material that I promised you:


Below you’ll learn how to find any influencer’s email and see the exact templates that I use to get more shares and backlinks to my content.


Bonus #1: Find any influencer’s email


While Twitter is a great platform for outreach, you’re limited to 160 characters. Which makes it very difficult to get a meaningful conversation going


That’s where email outreach comes in.


Email gives you more room to personalize your message which increases the likelihood of getting a response.


Also, email is a more effective way to get backlinks, not just social shares. While social shares are important, backlinks are still the number one ranking factor in search engines.


But first… who should you reach out to?


Like on Twitter, your goal is to find influential people in your niche who have a large, engaged following.


So head back over to BuzzSumo and Google to find the top ranked content on your topic.


Keep a spreadsheet with the authors’ names, websites and similar content they wrote.


Now here’s where the magic happens


Go to and plug in the name and website of the people you want emails for.




4 out 5 times it returned a result!


Now just add that email to your spreadsheet and repeat until you’re satisfied with the number of emails you have. (I usually collect 40-50 to start)


Now it’s time to reach out to those people to gauge their interest. Check out the word-for-word templates I use below…


Bonus #2: Brian’s Email Outreach Templates


Before you send out your emails, remember that these people are always getting emails from people asking them for a favor.


If you want to stand out and actually get responses, you can’t be pushy and you need to personalize your messages so they don’t come across as spam.


Here are the exact email templates I use when reaching out to influencers:


If you notice that they share similar content on social media, here’s the template I would use:


Hey (Their Name),

I noticed that you recently shared an excellent article on (Your Content’s Topic), thanks for sharing that!

I actually just published an (Your Content’s Format) on (Your Content’s Topic) that I think you’ll really enjoy…

Let me know if you want to check it out, I’d love your feedback.

All the best,

(Your Name)


If they wrote an article on your topic, use this template instead:


Hey (Their Name),

Thanks for your helpful article on (Your Content’s Topic) in (Source).

Your article was one of a few that inspired me to create an (Your Content’s Format) on that same topic…

Let me know if you want to check it out, I’d really value your feedback.

All the best,

(Your Name)


After they have responded saying yes, send them a link to your article then watch your backlinks and shares roll in!


Now it’s time to crack that beer I mentioned earlier and celebrate. 🙂