Don't outlive your

retirement nest egg!

Eliv8 can help you get online and open your own business!

Let’s face it. Social Security isn’t enough. Pensions are a thing of the past. And with the recent recession, Covid and ongoing volatility in the markets, the nest egg you were counting on just isn’t there.

You need a way to generate a consistent amount of money for at least a few years.

It can supplement your retirement. Or it can be a whole new career if you just aren’t quite ready to sit on a park bench for the next 20 years. 

You are in luck! Geoff and Eliv8 can help turn the decades of expertise you’ve accumulated in your professional career and turn that into income!

Geoff will sit down with you and help you shape that future.

Then our team comes in and puts it all together into a live company – from incorporation, to your web site, to Facebook to marketing! It’s a one stop shop.

So rest easy! Talk to Geoff and realize your best future! 

Do-it Yourself

Allow us to create your website, and get your web presence setup and then you take the lead on your marketing.  For the low cost of $750 down and (1x) 12-month contract.




/ for 12 months

8 page website with additional 2 gallery portfolio pages

Blog, and 4 Blog posts to get you started

Website will be SEO friendly and responsive on all platforms

Social Media Platforms Optimized

15 Branded Social Media Templates you can reuse

Email Newsletter Template that can be used on Mailchimp or Constant Contact

Done for You Package

Do you need more help, then just setup, our Bronze Package will get your Business noticed. For the low cost of a $1,000 down and a 12-month contract. After the first 12-months the monthly price will drop as your website will be paid in full.


/for 12 months

8 page website with additional 2 gallery portfolio pages

Blog setup

Bronze Hosting: Hosting, security, backups, lifetime theme & WP updates

Silver Content: 4 unique Blog (650 words) post a month with CTA, imagery, external linking, internal linking, SEO Optimized, with graphic posts for social media - 3 sizes

Bronze SEO: 10 hours focused on Keyword Ranking, Internal, External Linking

Additional feature packages.

Does your website need an ecommerce cart? We can add-on this feature to your website and train you or your team on how to update and add to it. 

$750 setup fee (break-up in monthly payments)

$250 for first 25 product pages

Training or monthly packages for us to monitor and update