Individual Services

Why Eliv8


Your digital marketing campaign should bring visitors to your site, expand name recognition for your brand, earn the trust of consumers, and establish the thought leadership of your brand.

Our Role

The role of Eliv8 can and should be diverse. Your marketing campaign should bring visitors to your site, where proper tools and processes convert them into loyal customers.  Best practice operations and customer service principles nurture them into repeat buyers and sources of referrals – further establishing the thought leadership of your brand. You should be able to draw an arrow from your marketing efforts to your increase in revenue and your operations efforts to a decrease in cost. That is how results are measured, and that is the foundation of our strategy at Eliv8.


"Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone."

Start with an Audit

Before you purchase any type of marketing package, you should start with an audit. The audit will allow us to tell you how your digital marketing is performing, from your website, to social media and how your customers are finding you.  

Your Website Is the Foundation

Balancing great design for aesthetics and SEO benefit is an act of art and science. A great website requires not only designers and developers, but to work closely with the SEO and content teams to ensure the entire website is set up for success.

You Need Great Content

Have you heard the phrase “Content is King”, well as you know it is true, content is critical for great SEO. It is not just a vehicle for online SEO marketing, either; it is also your voice to your audience and helps users understand your value proposition, services and what sets you apart. 

Search Marketing to Get Found

We focus only on white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and staying up to date on the best industry standards. Using the latest algorithms, we’ll get you to the first page in your local market within 90 days! 

More Services

Social Media to Increase Reach

Businesses that leverage the power of social media properly has a distinct advantage over competitors that do not. 


Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most direct ways to communicate with prospects and customers. It helps you build relationships with your audience.


Paid Marketing

Paid media strategies can help amplify the reach of your social and search campaigns. We can help you target your ideal audience with more precision than ever before.

Google My Business

Search visitors see your GMB profile long before they ever get to your web page and Google wants to be your “other” web site. Have you set it up right or at all?