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Starting a Side Hustle or Trying to Get Your Small Biz Profitable?

This course was literally made for you!

Everyone has to start somewhere. We don’t know what we don’t know. 

You can spin in circles for weeks and months learning the difference between a Registrar and Host or between a C Corp and and LLC or how to build a mailing list or create a Facebook Ad or properly price your product/services.

Geoff Brandt has been helping Entrepreneurs launch and grow companies for 20 years. And he put together this very special online course so he can personally guide you through the steps himself. 

Comprising over twenty interactive lessons spanning 8 weeks, Geoff personally moderates the class and answers all your questions.

Unlike self-paced courses, Geoff even hosts live webinars during the course so everyone has a chance to discuss their company with the group!

First Class Sold Out! Now filling second class!


Ready to Grow Your Business?

How is this Class different?

  1. For Solo’s and Micro’s ONLY (special pricing)
  2. Fully Moderated
  3. Full Access to Geoff
  4. Interactive, not just a video
  5. Capped Class Sizes!
  6. Special Tools and Apps to Download!
  7. Text and Audio
  8. Live Webinars Included
  9. Geoff Personally Helps You Grow Your Business

What’s the Cost?

  1. Single Module $197
  2. Bundled Cost $397 (33% discount)
  4. Use Code: XMAS101 (Save another $200!!! at checkout for a limited time)