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How well is your Digital Marketing performing?

Online marketing is an essential part of your outreach strategy. It is the sum total of your online efforts to keep your company visible, viable, relevant, and attracting the new business you need in order to keep growing. It’s a continuous effort that rewards the faithful, providing results that can’t be achieved any other way and proving its ROI through quantifiable results. To do this effectively, a digital marketing audit is in order. Performing regular digital marketing audits will help you identify the areas that are working and which ones need your attention. Trying to do an audit on your own, can be labor intensive and hard to decipher. Allow our experts to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Eliv8 offers a Digital Marketing Audit for $99.00 which includes the listed items above. The audit will take 3 to 4 days to compile, and then one of our Marketing Specialists will review with you, plus a strategy to increase your exposure. If you choose to move forward with any of our plans, the audit will be credited towards it. 

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