Interior Design Firm Increases Lead Generation With ELIV8

The Talianko Design Group is an award-winning interior design firm serving Pasadena, CA and surrounding cities. In order to remain relevant in a competitive industry, they needed establish them selves as a thought leader and create a loyal audience that they can draw leads and customers from. They looked to ELIV8’s consulting services in order to create and implement and content marketing strategy. A key part of their success was from a series of ebooks that ELIV8 developed which has increased their lead generation by 250%.








After achieving her diploma professional interior design from Rhodec International in London, Debbie Talianko set out to create her own design firm. Her goal was to create “clean, calm and casual” spaces, also know as transitional design. Since launching they have served dozens of happy clients and won multiple awards including “Best of Houzz” in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Unlike most of her competitors, Debbie was already a very savvy marketer prior to working with ELIV8, she had a great website, blog, social media and a ton of great online reviews from her clients and trade partners. Knowing it’s about who gets there first, Debbie was receptive to ELIV8’s ideas on tapping into her current audience to generate leads and create a loyal following.


Most website traffic came through her blog then flowed over to portfolio, her audience was obviously very interested in her content and services. The problem was, unless those visitors filled out a form on the contact page, she had no way of knowing who they were and no way to turn them into marketing leads.


ELIV8 suggested that she repurpose some of her blog posts into a series of ebooks and then place that ebook behind a landing page so she could start generating leads from her website traffic.

“We have just begun working with ELIV8 and are extremely impressed. They are true entrepreneurs and I have a lot of confidence in them. They knows what they are doing and they gets results. Thank you ELIV8!”


Debbie Talianko, Founder of the Talianko Design Group LLC.

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Creating A New Content Marketing Strategy

After a series of meetings and consultations, Debbie decided to choose ELIV8 as the agency who would help her effectively use content marketing for her business. With a decent social following and blog already in place, ELIV8’s first goal was to optimize her current channels by ensuring they all follow best practices, have the best tools deployed and are optimized for conversions.


The next step was to create a content editorial and assess their current marketing assets so we could quickly repurpose what she has to jumpstart the new content plans. Her first ebook, “30 Interior Design Tips for Luxury Homes” was launched in less than 30 days which generated 100+ leads in the first 2 months. Soon that offer was followed by a budget planning worksheet, cleaning products/services guide and interior designer hiring guide.


The decisions to work with ELIV8 has since turned her website is lead generation machine which has dramatically shifted how she approaches new prospects and lead nurturing.

Results and Future Plans

After working with ELIV8 for about 12 months, the Talianko Design Group had 4 content offers for lead generation which has increased her lead generation by 250%.


Debbie and her staff can now spend more time meeting potential customers and working on projects rather than looking for leads. Today, Debbie is booked with new projects for the next 18 months and has been able to choose which projects she actually wants based on the high-demand for her services.

With their growing database of contacts, the Talianko Design Group has commissioned the ELIV8 group to implement email marketing campaigns with the goal of nurturing and converting more leads. With over 3,500 automated emails to date and an 11% click-through-rate, website traffic is up and so are the number of prospects hoping to get a spot on Debbie’s busy calendar.


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